Composition for hire, arrangements and session Reviews

Annika Odegard, Artist. Canada

All of my experiences working with Danilo have been completely positive. I have worked with many arrangers, and have never seen the attention to detail and dedication that Danilo brings to his work in anyone else. He is able to commit to short deadlines and deliver work that is unique, customized for the performer, and technically accurate. Danilo and I were able to have many conversations about the goals of the arrangements, my personal desires for the pieces as the artist, and special moments that must be included in the music for the specific show to work. Despite living in different countries, Danilo was always able to make time for me and assure that he was composing and arranging the music to best serve me as a performer. His arrangements are unlike any other, and his prices are very reasonable. His ability to play multiple musical instruments lends itself very well to his compositions as he can understand the point of view of the musicians that will be playing the music. Not only is his passion for music evident in the details of his work, but also in his interactions with customers. I have no reservations about recommending Danilo as an arranger, composer, and performer and will continue to work with him for future bookings.

Kellyng Haley, Musical Director. USA

Danilo performs in a professional manner; he is solid, and consistent in his style. Understands and communicates the music well. He is a team player, flexible and easy to work with.

Imani Zubeh, Artist. Japan

Recently I had the opportunity to hire Danilo Dawson Vergara for an musical arranging job. He came highly recommended by my agent Clint Atkinson, who works at Landau Entertainment Agency. Not only was Danilo easy to work with, but he never had a problem re-arranging the music for me that I misdirected him on. He was forthcoming with information as he was doing the arrangements and finished them all is a very timely fashion. I will not hesitate to recommend Danilo from this point on to anyone who is in need of a top notch, very professional arranger / musician. I also highly suggest that if you are in need of an arranger or all around knowledgable musician with a great personality, to consider using him for your musical needs. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Indie Knight, Video Game Company

Danilo is a top notch professional composer, arranger and producer. His compositions and productions always exceed our requirements. He is punctual, fully commited, disciplined, absolutely passionate about his work.

Andrew Leigh Aspinall, Musial Director. USA

Danilo always exceeds required performance standards. Always maintains a spotless and professional appareance. He did an excellent job in Leal Quartet.

Andree Sweetman, Musical Director. Canada

Danilo is one of the best pianist I've ever worked with.

Nicolás Arenas, Composer, Chile

Danilo worked with me as Sessionist (Piano player) and I guarantee his work is fluid and exceed expectations.

Maximiliano Morales, Songwriter. Chile

Working with Danilo was an experience I will always be grateful. He is an amazing musician, always with a professional and proactive attitude. He is always passionate about creating good quality work. Also he is very easy to work with, and it is a pleasure to hear an expert commenting new ideas for my music and sharing is knowledge as he does.

Joaquin Jauregui, Songwriter. Chile

From the first moment I felt very confortable, it is amazing to create and work with talented, disciplined, and most of all generous people. He is incredible creative and a very sensible musician that knows how to make the best of any musical requirements.

Oscar Godoy, Producer. Chile

I’ve been working with Danilo for almost fourteen years, he has always been brilliant. He is a passionate, responsible and committed person; an excellent arranger, pianist and composer.