Danilo Dawson is a composer, songwriter, arranger, pianist, and online teacher.

As a teacher

As a teacher, he has been working since he was 14 years old. . After finishing his degree as a professional Composer (with maximum qualification), , he traveled the world playing the piano and then returned to Chile and graduated as a Music Teacher and Bachelor of Education with honors. In addition, he was a Director of a Music School, position he resigned from the institution in order to train composers independently. He has developed new methodologies over the years with an holistic approach, that is, combining the transfer of knowledge, monitoring its application in musical practice and also the development of personal aesthetic criteria based on top-level technical material in order to achieve maximum effectiveness with his apprentices. You can listen to some of my students' original songs by clicking here, and also read their testimonials by clicking here.

As a Composer

As a freelance composer, his work (consisting of both songs and instrumental music) is naturally melodic, accompanied by harmonies influenced by jazz, impressionism, and traditional folk music, as well as popular rhythms influenced by Latin American rhythms. All his work revolves around tragedy, and his lyrics relate different perspectives of it in a unique style and with a strong metaphysical character. So far, he has composed 9 albums, which you can listen/buy by clicking here. On the other hand, as a commissioned composer, he has worked for videogames and short films using electronic, orchestral, melodic and contemporary language in order to efficiently achieve what his clients require, you can listen to some of these compositions by clicking here.

As an Arranger

As an Arranger, he has worked throughout the world. Writing international arrangements for BigBand with clients from Canada and Japan, as well as String Quartets for clients from Russia, Portugal and USA. He also works, as Producer, Arranger and Sessionist with Nysa Studios in Chile, for clients of all styles and different countries of the world. You can listen to some of his arrangements and commissions by clicking here.

As a pianist

As a Pianist, he stood out from the age of 13 at Conservatory de Antofagasta (EMCCA) playing as a solo pianist on several occasions with chamber and symphonic orchestras. Then, when he was 15, he performed the Rhapsody in Blue with the Antofagasta (Chile) Symphony Orchestra; during his stay at the conservatory (5 years) he managed to pass 11 pedagogical years with the highest grade. After graduating, as a Professional Composer with the highest qualification, he travelled around the world working as a pianist (Alaska, California, Mexico, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Miami -Florida & Canada). Once in Chile, he resumed his piano studies both from a technical and stylistic point of view with different teachers in their respective areas. You can listen to some jazz arrangements where he plays the piano by clicking here, , and arrangements for piano only by clicking here.

Danilo Dawson

Jazz Trio: The Oopart


The Oopart interprets different musical compositions by Danilo Dawson, a native of Antofagasta (North of Chile), in a jazz trio format, as well as declarations of poems (live) according to different landscapes of the Chilean territory and Latin American culture.


Within the boundaries between Chile, Peru and Bolivia are woven, the "Fiesta de la tirana" is celebrated. The Oopart tells the story that there was a curse of devils, toads and snakes who were sent to stop the adoration of the Virgin during the celebration. During the pilgrimage, the devils interfered with the parishioners who sought to worship the Goddess which was followed by a war that lasted 12 days, subsequently, the demons were transformed into light but retaining their original shape: That is the "El Oopart", a demon that breaks ranks and that embraces its shadow accompanied by a snake that perches on its horns in an infinity symbol, eating its tail like the Uroboros. An invitation to embrace our darkness even if it does not define us due to, at last but not least, it is us who make our own decisions.


2020 El Oopart: 001 (Jazz Trío)
2020 Danilo Dawson: HOTD (Instrumental, World Music)
2018 Danilo Dawson: The 7th Gate (Instrumental, World Music)
2017 Danilo Dawson: Antonieta y la Bruja (Instrumental, Orchestra & Clarinet)
2016 Danilo Dawson: Hojas de Tiempo (Piano Solo, World Music)
2015 Arbol Mecánico: Semilla (Songs, Rock & Electronic)
2015 Danilo Dawson: Hilo Rojo (Indie Songs)
2011-2013 Danilo Dawson: Escamas (Indie Songs)
2010 Arbol Mecánico: Amistad (Songs, Rock Latino)
2020 Portafolio (For Commissions)
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