Jun2019 - The 10

Blogging and vlogging, I restored this blog and also, I activated a Wordpress for those who prefer this way to check information.

I rediscovered, among other things, that I used to share quotes from authors (that make me sense), poems and, occasionally, a list of 10 instrumental pieces, songs or albums that were in my "whereabouts". I felt nostalgic and happy to remember those albums and also realizing how much these music has affected in my work (in all its areas) at present, for the same reason, here is my top 10 of the last months.

1.- Moster - Dodie

2.- When you are ugly - Louis Cole

3.- A veces - Ana Tijoux

4.- 1997 - Ana Tijoux

5.- Velrours - Anomalie

6.- New Light - John Mayer

7.- South of the river - Tom Amish

8.- Alas de Luna - Fede Fomtela

9.- Nihls Fram - Ambre

10.- In the nature of daylight - Ritcher

Rediscover Anita's work and realize that before the laidback in the music of Collier and Anomalie, she already, in 2011, was superimposing subdivisions of 5 and 7 on 2 and 4 was awesome .

On the other hand, discovering Tom Misch was wonderful, if the blessings exist, I’m sure his music is one of these.

Here you can watch a Dodie's cover; first on the list