Pedagogy: Negative Harmony

Negative harmony is a "fashionable" theme thanks to Collier. The principles of this concept appear in Ernst Levy, however it was Steve Coleman who developed it in melodic terms.
I leave in this space the document that I created with all the major diatonic grades and secondary dominant (both tertiary, tetradic and with tensions ) in negative from the axis of the 5th.

I hope this information is useful for my clients as well as those who are looking for information about it.

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* Notes:

1) the first negative chord is wrong, it should be c eb c ab (triad of Cm, tetrad Abmaj7) the other tensions have to be calculated.

2) the diatonic chords disappear because they are evident to anyone who knows harmony (there is in fact a repetition of Cmaj7 out there, please ignore it).