Danilo Dawson is a Composer, Songwriter, Arranger, Producer, Pianist and Pedagoge (Teaches Composition, Theory, Harmony and Piano) located in Chile.

As a composer, his work (that has songs and instrumental material) has a melodic character, influenced with jazz, impressionist and pop/rock harmony, and popular and a strong influence from latinoamerican folk music rithm. All his work turns aroung tragedy, and his lyrics (in spanish) narrates different perspectives about that topic with a unique style and a strong methaphisic character. Until now, he has composed 7 albums, you can hear them here.

As an arranger, he worked around all the globe writting BigBand arrangements with clients from Canadá and Japan, aswell as strings arrangement for Russia, Portugal and EEU. He also works as an Arranger, Producer and Session Keyboard in Epifanía Records en Chile, for clients from all over the world. Also he has written compositions for videogames and shortfilms.You can listen some of this work here

As a pianist, he studied in Antofagasta's Conservatory were he was able to play as Piano Solist with  chamber orchestras as symphonic orchestras. At 15 years old, he played the Rhapsody in Blue with Antofagasta's Symphonic Orchestra. During his time studying in the conservatory (5 years) he achieved to aprove 11 pedagogic year with honors. After Graduating, also with honors as a Professional Composer he travels around the world working as a pianist (Alaska, California, México, Hawaii, Polinesia Francesa, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá, Costa Rica, Miami-Florida & Canadá). Once back in Chile, he studies piano from the technic point of view as some specific styles with different piano professors. You can listen some jazz arrangements were he plays piano here and piano solo arrangements  here.

As Teacher, he has worked since he was 14 years old. After studying Composition, travel around the world as a pianist and return to Chile. He gratuated as Pedagogue (with honors). He have developed new methodologies with his composition students, focused in transfering the practicality of musical knowledge in a real-musical-enviroment. You can listen some of his student's work here.