Theory Course - Suscription

This Course arises as a necesity to explain music theory in a effective order, as response for the misinformation we found (with my Composition Students) on the internet. My work philosopy as a pedagogue is focused in the practical use of musical knowledge, however, sometimes, in the musical practice it is usefull to have a clear concepts (to use them as effective tools). That is why I've created this course, to share knowledge in a precise matter, every elemental and basic concept needed for the fully comprehension of music from theory (harmony and counterpoint) so you can use it to write and read music, as have a full music vocabulary so you can study deeper subjects in music.

This course is in developement and will contain all music theory you need.

For now it is working as a monthly paid (suscription) course. Releasing 4 videos every month for a 20USD (every month). And it is in spanish language (if there is enough quorum, we can start making in english).

IF YOU WANT ACCESS FOR THE MONTHLY SUSCRIPTION and you would like us to develope a course in english course PLEASE to contact us directly (WSP or E-MAIL).

If you want to pay the final price to access the course (hosted in Hotmart) CLICK HERE