The importance of research in hardware for music production - Introduction

Several years ago, I bought and sold a wide range of equipment of different brands. Moreover, I have learnt a lot through my experiences. Besides, many things I lived were not in forums or blogs / vlogs.

Therefore, I have decided to write a review about some of the equipment that I have used and used at some point of my life and also, important conclusions that I normally share with my clients. Maybe someone that I do not know will be benefited from my experience.

Today, as an introduction, I would like to comment that although the millennials and centennials are used to investigate, you do not always know what you are looking for (or you know, but not specifically) and I think that the problem is that we do not ask the right questions..

In addition to the budget, it is essential for the research to know what specific use and in what context you will use the hardware you are looking for. With that in mind, it is much easier to decide, because in many hardware choices the preferences are more important. Do you want to produce at home? Do you want to produce and play live? Do you want to play live? Do you want to record in different locations? Do you have time to repair hardware and software problems?

Although, I have several instruments and other technologies that I already mentioned, I will focus on my computer, drivers, hard cases and interface. The equipment which I have in my studio (May, 2019) are the following:

MacBook Pro Mid 2012 16gbRam 2TB7200RPM (Caddy) + 1TBSSD

Focusrite Pro26 Firewire

Roland A88 Midi Controller

Roland A800PRO Midi Controller

Gator Cases

To take the decision to obtain these hardware devices I went through several adventures, so I will write the story about how I got each of them (and the different hardwares I had) in the next posts.