Tips to choose a chair for production and a piano chair

Regarding piano chairs:

Importance: Consider them part of the instrument; If you do not have the right height, the whole system will be used in the wrong way and you will end up injured. If your teacher has not taught you the ideal posture from the air column to the fingertips, you have chosen an inappropriate mentor.

Which one?: In Chile, I have bought 4 chairs for piano / drums with different heights to finally find the 2 ideal ones for me. The first 4 chairs which cost 50,000 Chilean pesos (100USD approx) did not last more than 6 months to 2 years, the wood was grinded inside especially those that had the support system connected to the wood depending on it. These pianos were also sold with some urgency in the different places where I went to get help; DON'T TRUST THEM, remember that sellers are paid for sale a product. Unfortunately in my experience, I confirmed that these people, in particular, were never interested on advice me about quality (there should be exceptions but it was not my case). Finally, I looked for the best: for me K&M has not disappointed any pixel; One of the most important points you need to check is that they have a completely metallic adjustment system and it does not depend on any piece of wood. I have 2 chairs, one is called "piano bench" full adjustable which it cost 200,000 Chilean pesos (400usd approx) and another one with 4 fixed measures that I use for trips that cost 50,000 Chilean pesos. Both are already 4 and 2 years old respectively and I have not had any problem with them, their height control system is incredible and its comfort is indisputable. On the other hand, I know that full adjustable K&Ms is no longer available in Chile, but I know that this company, PianoImport, sells some with the same system.


Advantages: it lasts more than 2 years (in my experience there have already been 4 years)

Disadvantages: You must use the key to sometimes adjust it, otherwise, it is going to generate a sound that makes the recordings unclear. Using other chairs, this happens without a possible solution.

* The price: If you think, in the short term, it is a disadvantage, but as I wrote on "how to choose electric pianos", choosing the right one can become 800% savings or more because if the product is going to last 2 years that implies a safe future expense.

The correct way to sit is very important not only for the piano but to work in production in front of the DAW. For this reason, you should consider for learning to sit in the right way if you want to dedicate to play some instrument which requires a seat and / or produce in a DAW or any serious activity which can take you more hours in front of a desk.

Regarding the chairs for production:

Importance: Due to my injury in both arms (for those who do not know, the doctors told me in 2013 that due to the injury in each arm, I would not play piano again, which I could do with the proper guide and intense, constant, disciplined and loving work) for me, any pain created by bad sitting accelerates and multiplies the same injury. So, it is much "easier" to find the disadvantages of a seat, piano bench or table to work, even pencils. 

However, it was not until my arms were incapable for 2 weeks that I decided to buy an ergonomic desk seat; I cannot deny that I thought it was a waste of money, however, after researching and acquiring it, I must accept that it is one of the best acquisitions in terms of the remarkable improvement, health and productivity.

Which one ?: In Chile I found  the typical brands of any place: office ergonomics and gamers. In my case, I focused on the gamers chairs because they had the arms inclination that I needed vs. the office ones. As for brands, I was interested in the hype of the moment "Pegasus". However I looked for more options, it was then that I found "Mundo Gaming" a website where one of its most seductive points was the attention via WhatsApp (which we used with my work team) and customers personalized attention. Then I texted them and they were incredibly kind and precise. I even sent the measures that I required to know which chair model was proper for my health requirements, what is more, they were not only answered in time but sent me multiple images with each possible measurement and also the available models. You should know that there are different prices and normally the best ones are around 200,000 Chilean pesos (400 USD approx), what I can assure you is that if you want to make sure that you receive a chair according to your requirements (and which you can discussed with the company) the indicated place is "Mundo Gaming", which were not only friendly online before, during and after the purchase, they provided excellent service in assembly (which is impossible for me because of my injuries) and home delivery.

The most important things for a seat to produce is the back support and the arms; The position from the scapula to the fingertips must be correct. If you do not know which one, remember that, as a general rule, (if you really want to learn, investigate with an expert) sitting well implies (among other things) that in the arms there is an angle very slightly higher than 45 degrees, straight back, scapulae in position and hamstrings supporting the weight, as well as the air column and the abdominals, etc.

Link about how to sit correctly:

Advantages: 360 degree adaptation, customer service and good level after sales.

Disadvantages: As in the "piano bench", the noise is generated if you do not normally adjust it (so you must have the key and they provide it). For producers, this is important since we recorded a lot while sitting and also in home studio the mic is not in a separate room but near the chair.


text and photo: Danilo Dawson