Is it possible to records 5 pieces in 1 hour?

Writing to nothing is a relatively new exercise, this is similar to making songs but worse because finally the song is shown to a friend or student, these texts echo in a vacuum. Why do i do it? 2 reasons

1- Google

2- Because my experience can be useful for some musician who is in the same or have the same concerns, I always thought that perhaps all my bad experiences could prevent another from having a bad time, as with the interfaces, the pianos , recordings, logistics, etc. Since in video I am dedicated to make compositional and pedagogical material, this format suits me; the only terrifying thing is that at least in my country reading comprehension on the internet is in decline, whether it involves 2 clicks or swipes bores, and that is worrisome, but in the end ... I continue:

Today's story is about how difficult it is to get tired about wanting to produce and create material against the tide, particularly timing management: I've tried since I was a student, to record a lot of pieces, without sufficient tests and against time. Could it just happen to me?

Short story: In October I had my 2nd concert and I came up with the brilliant idea of recording 5 pieces in one hour. Only 2 survived (one in which I was wrong in the lyrics, but hey, I learned to live with that).


- If there is a point where it is rehearsed enough I have moved away from it, 2 hours a day of practice are not enough.

- Always consider more time for everything in the planning of events and recordings.

- I have the best team in the world

I therefore leave the 2 resulting videos:

Thanks for Reading!