Where do I start to learn more about music?

When you start in music, the most normal thing is to want to play immediately.

From my experience, there are certainly 2 paths that always lead to the same place, practice without knowledge (usually ends up wanting to acquire that knowledge) , and the (acquire) knowledge and use it as a practice segmenter. In schools there is also a great path, very useless from my perspective: knowledge just for collecting knowledge.

If you are the person who wants to learn by practicing, stop reading this, grab all the records you like and start playing them now. If you find that boring, reading this post will be even worse.

Studying music is boring

There is no way to euphemize it, and I will be very emphatic, those who study and / or study know it. The process of repetition ad infinitum is overwhelming, but it is worth it, the reward in terms of happiness, and the saving of time (the precision acquired) increasingly shortens the space between you and the music you always wanted to play / understand. To help those who do not know where to start, I always start with the rhythm, the metric, the pulses, the understanding and reading of all the elementary related to how it unfolds in the rhythm; at least the general idea of the first part of the rhythmic pyramid that I designed as a pedagogue (esp).